Things Get Boring

It’s been almost two week since I last posted. I would have written more… but nothing pregnancy-wise is going on! I’m approaching 15 weeks pregnant and compared to the getting-pregnant process and the first bit of the pregnancy, this chunk of time has been pretty uneventful. Which is good. At this point, no news is good news.

TMI if you’re not into medical/anatomical stuff: I say pretty uneventful… I have had a few spots of bleeding. The first time around, I pretty much just assumed it meant I was miscarrying and the end of the pregnancy. It was actually quite the opposite: our high-risk OBGYN’s office has been great about squeezing me in for last-minute ultrasounds just to double check that there’s nothing serious going on. Each time, they’ve either not been able to find the source of the bleeding, or found something that could be it. But more importantly, they’ve checked out the babies and all has been well. Emotionally, I freak out a little bit each time, but it’s also a little less alarming each time it turns out to be totally benign. It’s interesting that something that can be a real problem in pregnancy can also be pretty much nothing to worry about. Other than that, I’ve been feeling pretty great.

I’m showing a little bit now. Sometimes it looks like I’m pregnant and sometimes it looks like I ate two Chipotle burritos for dinner. (If I’m being honest, it often looks like both since there’s a lot of Chipotle-eating happening around here.) I’m still wearing mostly pre-pregnancy clothes, with a few maternity items dropped in here and there. There’s one major exception: all of my dress pants fit, but none will button all the way up comfortably. I can’t even begin to explain how great the BeBand is for extending the life of pre-pregnancy clothes. It goes over your pants and looks looks like the bottom of a camisole, covering up the top of your pants. I’ve been walking around with my pants undone for three weeks now and no one knows! No paid endorsement here… I would buy one of these in every color of dress pants I own if they sold them in more colors.

I went to the lake for Memorial Day and spent a little time at the pool. While I’m aware that I’m pretty pregnant… It was pretty entertaining watching a few people’s reactions at the pool. I’m pretty sure a lot of the people thought I was just weirdly fat in the middle, because it doesn’t look like a full on bump yet.

The second trimester meant leaving behind the nausea (for the most part) which is great. It’s brought on a lot more of the fun pregnancy symptoms – weird dreams and the desire to each some bizarre food. I’ve had dreams about rescuing penguins from the Home Depot parking lot, vivid sex dreams, dreams based on Netflix shows we’re watching, you name it, I’ve had a weird dream about it lately. And I wouldn’t exactly call my newfound palate cravings, because it’s never an immediate need. At times I just randomly want anything pickled. Other times Cheetos sound great, and I’ve never been a Cheetos-eater in my life. I’m doing a pretty good job of getting these kids some pretty solid nutrition on a regular basis these days, (as opposed to the first trimester, which was like three square meals of chicken nuggs and fries a day) so I’m not sweating a daily ice cream sandwich or tater tots for breakfast.

I’ll go back to the doctor next week for the 16-week checkup. Updates to come!

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