The Upsides of a Weird Pregnancy

Just a few months ago I was whining about how often I had to go to the reproductive endocrinologist’s office to get my follicles checked. It was a lot: the first round of hard-core injectables, I went for follicle monitoring every 2-3 days for almost three straight weeks. I’ve seen my fair share of ultrasound monitoring so far this pregnancy, but nothing has quite compared to that. It’s almost ironic: there’s more precaution and observance of a pre-baby than this is an existing one.

Anyway, having a weird start to my pregnancy, and then carrying multiples has meant that I’ve been in the doctor’s office¬†minimally once a month. Add in a few minor symptoms here and there, and it’s really been about every two to three weeks that I’ve been ankle-strapped onto a bed at the high-risk OBGYN’s office to make sure everything is going well. For the most part is has, and honestly, I can’t complain for one second.

The doctors and clinics we’ve worked with so far have been great. The first few times I called, slightly panicked because I was bleeding, their immediate response was “how soon can you be here for an ultrasound?” It’s nice to have access to a medical staff that is as willing as I am to drop everything to make sure these kiddos are developing well. Here’s the other reason why it’s great: lots and lots and lots of photos of said kiddos!

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 11.19.20 AM.png

I’m not kidding… four months in and we’ve had more ultrasounds than most people get throughout their entire pregnancies. It won’t stop here either: in talking yesterday with another doctor from the clinic, I have two more months of monthly monitoring, and once we’re in the third trimester, I’m back there Every. Week. Goodbye, lunch-hour pedicures and errand-running. Again, the sonographers at our office are great. They know exactly what matters to the parents that come in: making sure the baby(ies) are growing, and getting that ultrasound picture. I typically get about four feet worth of photos printed out as a souvenir from each visit. Here are the winners from last week’s appointment!

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