Birthdays. Beer. Baby Diapering.

As is becoming the new norm, things are still pretty quiet, pregnancy-wise. Here’s what’s been going on.

A huge storm knocked OP on its butt with storm debris and power outages. Then two days later we got more rain than we’ve had in like a thousand years. You could say I’ve been working a bit lately. Overtime win! Those extra hours will come in handy later this year.


Michael turned 31 (which he says feels a lot like 30.) I’m still in denial that we are (he is) approaching middle-age. 20s 4EVA. He also started a new job at KU this week.

We also went to Dodge City for his sort-of final weekend of freedom before starting the new job. Dodge City Days kicked off last weekend. We celebrated that and his birthday with more than one trip to the new Dodge City Brewing with the fam. Shameless plug, since our friends’ parents own the place: If you’re ever in town, check it out! Their pizza is great and their beer is more alcoholic than is good for pregnant ladies. Admittedly, I had tiny sips of a couple of them to taste. 12/10, will return to drink copious amounts of the cream ale. Bring on the mommy-shaming. I’m not sorry.

Pregnancy things: I’m just past 24 weeks. “Viability week” is exciting – something I think many parents don’t think about but is always in the back of your mind when infertility is in play. Basically, a huge developmental shift occurs in fetuses between 23 and 24 weeks. Babies born before 24 weeks have a much lower chance (10-35%) of making it. Those born after 24 weeks tend to have pretty good odds (up to 70%) of surviving, although it’s often with serious complications. I’d prefer they stay in there cooking as long as possible, but it’s comforting to know we’re slowly moving beyond the point of no return.

Fun pregnancy things: these two are kicking and punching and moving around like crazy. I’m already getting a little bit of the “double the fun” of twins, because I feel one of them poking me from the inside all the time, including right now as I write this post.

giphy (7).gif
They are party rocking 100% of the time.

I’ve been slowly working on the nursery, which has been a guest room up until this point. The room was actually a mint green nursery when we moved in. I’d been wanting to paint it for ages but had been holding off on painting because I didn’t want to be the crazy lady who creates a nursery before babies are even in the picture. Back in January I basically decided it was either going to be a gray guest room or a gray nursery, and went ahead and painted it. We found out I was pregnant like a month later. Since then we moved my baby furniture in from my parents’ house, bought and assembled cribs, I found a sweet glider on super sale at Babies R Us, and I’ve started on some decorations. More pics to come when things are closer to finished.

We also went to an infant care class at the University of Kansas Hospital, so I think we’re pretty much certified to have these kids now. The instructor talked some about what happens in the hospital after the babies arrive and went through a lot of the hygiene and health basics I remembered from a babysitting class I took in like 1998.

Highlights of the class: While practicing diapering, Michael found an easy carrying position for the twins and the decor of the conference room reminded us we’re having the babies in the right place. Oh, and we now know the hospital cafeteria has some pretty great donuts.

This scenic route is getting much less scenic and continuing to be boring, which is fine. Good, even. I’ll take it.

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