Unquestionably, Undeniably, Uncomfortably Pregnant

In terms of fetal development… 28 weeks isn’t really a big milestone. My pregnancy app says the babies’ eyesight is developing and they’re putting on weight… but it’s been saying that for several weeks now. I’m pretty sure they’re just bulking up and having wrestling matches in there.

In terms of arbitrary timeframes, we’re in the third trimester. The expectation that the babies will make their appearance in three months pretty much means nothing to them. For me, it means the clock is running on a still-very-long checklist of things to do before they arrive, more doctor’s appointments (and chances to see them on the ultrasound), and that I’m grounded from traveling anywhere – specifically southern California for what would have been an awesome communications conference trip for work. You’re welcome, babies.

28 weeks a big deal in my mind, though. Before I was ever pregnant, “seven months pregnant” was always, to me, the epitome of “really pregnant.” I’d eat a whole Chipotle burrito, feel super full, and think or say “Oh yes, thank you, I’m seven months along. It’s a burrito.” Generally, I wasn’t wrong about what it feels like. Even when I’m hungry, I feel super full all the time, like I’ve just eaten a huge burrito. There is no question even for strangers now, I’m real pregnant. It’s great, no complaints here! It’s just weird to have hit the milestone of unquestionably, undeniably, uncomfortably pregnant.

To celebrate being really, truly, pretty ridiculously pregnant, here are the bump pics thus far – from when the bump was really a burrito (and maybe a little bit babies), to just this afternoon.

Here’s to another nine or 10 photos, hopefully!

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