Swaddling Sophie

Alternative post title: SwaddleDogs, which seems like a really great band name. Anyway.

Here’s a fun exercise if you want to know what the third trimester of pregnancy is like.: Go to the dollar store or Walmart and buy a cheap inner tube. Blow it up. Wear it around your waist for the next two months. Try to bend down to pick up… anything. You can’t! That item on the floor is dead to you. Try laying down on the floor with that baby on. On your back, of course, because you haven’t been able to lay on your stomach in months. Now try to get up. You can’t! You’re officially a turtle stuck upside down on your shell.

I don’t mean to complain though, because overall the whole being-pregnant thing has been pretty amazing. I haven’t been sick in months. I’m eating pretty much whatever I want as long as I force feed myself some vegetables and protein once in a while. People are SO NICE to pregnant women. Other than the fact that I get winded walking up half a flight of stairs, the whole thing has been pretty great. I’m creating life, after all. Two lives, actually.

Speaking of… Baby A is becoming quite the wiggleworm. It’s funny how different their motions feel. For a long time, B moved around quite a bit more, but most of those motions felt like little pops or nudges. B has quieted down a bit, I’m guessing because space is becoming more restricted in there. I’ve felt A quite a bit over the last few days, and those movements feel like someone’s poking me repeatedly and quickly in some very weird places, like it’s working on a tiny speed bag. I feel it near my left hip bone and in some lower part of my digestive system. The baby’s (A, shown below because B wouldn’t come out to play last time I was at the doctor) literally kicking my ass already.

Other than growing babies, we’ve been taking it pretty easy lately. I’m working on some projects for the nursery. Did you know it’s actually easier to make a fitted sheet than it is to fold one? I bought some cute cotton sheets from Hallmark a while ago (nursery reveal to come soon!) but wanted to make some soft flannel ones for these winter babies as well, so I got some patterned flannel with peach hedgehogs and gray owls and they’re so cute and soft and omg I just want to snuggle up in the crib and would totally do it if I didn’t think my weight and the babies’ weight would collapse the whole thing in a second.

It took about 30 minutes to make the second set once I figured out what I was doing with the first one. If you’re interested, a really great set of instructions is over on The Ribbon Retreat. I’m strongly considering just making a new set every time we need one instead of folding them.

Once you start making baby stuff, especially out of the really cute nursery fabrics, it’s hard to stop.I’ve also made a few of those self-binding baby blankets, which are super snuggable. My mom’s been sewing up a storm for the babies for a while, and she’d agree. Her dog stayed with us for a week while they were on vacation, so I practiced swaddling on Sophie.

Everything else is going well. I’m on to weekly doctor’s appointments starting soon, which is wild. We’ve also got about 87 baby showers in the next month or so. I can’t wait to see a handful of people we haven’t visited with in a while and start stocking the house with more baby stuff. More to come!

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