Eating For… One

Anyone who knows me well knows I love to eat. Like a lot. Sweet, salty, veggies, junk food, tofu, steak, it doesn’t matter. I will eat it. It’s what got me to a spot where I needed to drop a few (okay, 45) pounds. Eating well and (and looking forward to it every day) in moderation … More Eating For… One

31-Day Wait

The two-week-wait concept cracks me up. It feels more like a 31-day wait. Or a series of two-day waits… over and over and over again. I am antsy pretty much every day of the babymaking process, waiting around for the next opportunity to be one step closer to a pregnancy. When my period starts, I’m already … More 31-Day Wait

Bottoms Up

We’re back at the babymaking again! In kind of an unexpected way. It’s actually a pretty short story. After three rounds of letrozole my OB/GYN suggested Michael and I make an appointment with a reproduction endocrinologist at a fertility center here in Kansas City. That’s happening next week. We’re not sure whether I ovulated the last few times … More Bottoms Up

The Starting Line

I thought I’d be pregnant by now. I thought I’d be able to surprise my husband with his impending daddy-dom. I figured I’d be buying fun maternity Halloween costumes and  one of those “Santa Baby” shirts at Christmas. I expected we’d get to concoct up one of those fun “we’re expecting” surprises for our loved ones. I thought it … More The Starting Line