Unquestionably, Undeniably, Uncomfortably Pregnant

In terms of fetal development… 28 weeks isn’t really a big milestone. My pregnancy app says the babies’ eyesight is developing and they’re putting on weight… but it’s been saying that for several weeks now. I’m pretty sure they’re just bulking up and having wrestling matches in there. In terms of arbitrary timeframes, we’re in … More Unquestionably, Undeniably, Uncomfortably Pregnant

Moving Forward

Most of the time, I write blog posts because I feel particularly inspired to write – I have an abstract idea I want to get across, and a concrete fertility or pregnancy update that goes with it. This is not one of those times. I’m not sad to be sharing this update, but it’s not going … More Moving Forward

Waning Optimism

Before our journey with infertility started, I had a completely different understanding of pregnancy and how it works. I thought, you’re either pregnant, and you get to be happy and tell people and celebrate; or you’re not pregnant, and you have to wait. I feel like we’re in a very gray area somewhere in between … More Waning Optimism

New Norms

It’s strange how quickly we adapt to our norms. I mean this generally and the norms of living with infertility. Before we tried to have children, it was normal for me to see my OB/GYN once a year, maybe twice if I wasn’t feeling well or needed a birth control prescription updated. I like her … More New Norms