When It Rains, It FOURS

Today has been a super rainy day in Kansas City. It started last night with thunderstorms. It rained all morning and was pouring when I splashed my way into the reproductive endocrinologist’s office nice and early today. Now it’s late afternoon and another thunderstorm just moved through. It’s not unusual for KC weather: when it rains, it pours. It’s … More When It Rains, It FOURS

Sage Advice

We’re just a few months into this process, but I’m thankful for the support that’s available in our fine city already. Shoutout to Kansas City Infertility Awareness Foundation: they are making it easier to be baby-free. The women who founded the group have all gone through (or are going through) periods of infertility and are super sensitive to each person’s … More Sage Advice

Bottoms Up

We’re back at the babymaking again! In kind of an unexpected way. It’s actually a pretty short story. After three rounds of letrozole my OB/GYN suggested Michael and I make an appointment with a reproduction endocrinologist at a fertility center here in Kansas City. That’s happening next week. We’re not sure whether I ovulated the last few times … More Bottoms Up

Opening Up

Before today, Michael and I decided to share minimal information with our friends and family members about this fun little journey we’re on. I initially wanted to keep any pregnancy news between us to make it “our little thing” for a while. But now it’s become a bigger deal. It consumes about 95 percent of my brain … More Opening Up

The Starting Line

I thought I’d be pregnant by now. I thought I’d be able to surprise my husband with his impending daddy-dom. I figured I’d be buying fun maternity Halloween costumes and  one of those “Santa Baby” shirts at Christmas. I expected we’d get to concoct up one of those fun “we’re expecting” surprises for our loved ones. I thought it … More The Starting Line