Everything is a Pregnancy Symptom If You Google Hard Enough

File this under: two-week-wait rants. We are one week into a two-week-wait that seems like it’s taken about four months. This cycle has been crazy long because our nurse and doctor were pretty conservative with stimulating my follicles. That was a little agonizing, but going to the ER with ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome definitely would have been worse. … More Everything is a Pregnancy Symptom If You Google Hard Enough

31-Day Wait

The two-week-wait concept cracks me up. It feels more like a 31-day wait. Or a series of two-day waits… over and over and over again. I am antsy pretty much every day of the babymaking process, waiting around for the next opportunity to be one step closer to a pregnancy. When my period starts, I’m already … More 31-Day Wait

One Week Wait

Well, that didn’t take long. The “two week wait” turned into a one week wait. Sparing you the details, I wasn’t sure at first whether it was a cycle day one, or something else was going on. But when you know you know, and it’s shark week. I’m conflicted about this. Obviously it’s disappointing because that means there’s … More One Week Wait